Pacific Crest Trail Journals

Burney to Castella

July 27 – July 30, 2010

After having a bit of a low-point on the trail I woke up in Burney and was ready to grab my package and move on as quickly as I could. My experience has been that when you’re going through hell (or lesser forms of discomfort), it’s best to keep going. When the post office opened at 7:30, I was there waiting. I grabbed my resupply box, repacked into my pack over a cup of coffee, grabbed a foot long from Subway on my way out of town, and hit the trail. From the highway it was only about ~9 miles to Burney Falls State Park and I hiked it quickly to distance myself from the town of Burney. I was saving the foot long I’d bought for when I got to the park and had it strapped to the top of my pack. “Sandwich-holder” is my favorite use of that particular pack strap that I’ve discovered.

I spotted a fox just before reaching the park and then spotted a whole bunch of thru-hikers once I got there. After a few hours of hanging out with other hikers, relaxing by the view point at Burney Falls, and eating my footlong sandwich, things were looking up considerably from the previous day. I only made another 12 miles or so that day and camped with a couple other hikers from Portland, Johnny Law and Missing Link.

The next day flew by despite it being a ~30 mile day. I crossed paths with hikers throughout the day and eventually camped near Deer Creek with Johnny Law and Missing Link again. I wanted to push on farther but the next 6+ miles of trail was a steady descent with no camping whatsoever. I made up for it the next day by covering almost the entire distance to my next resupply in Castella, along Interstate 5, around 40 miles. I camped in a nondescript site within a couple of miles of Castella, with the sounds of I-5 and the sight of Castle Crags both nearby.

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