Pacific Crest Trail Journals

Campo to Warner Springs

May 4 – May 9, 2010

I’ve hiked about 110 miles in 5 days. I had originally hoped to be covering about 25 miles a day but I’m happy to be operating at 88% of that goal, especially this early in the hike. My first mail drop went off without a hitch, it’s nice to see all the planning that I did in the months before actually paying off when I can simply walk into a store, pick up a box of food with my name on it, and be on my way. Even though I’m hiking solo, I have yet to camp by myself and have also done a fair amount of hiking with other people.

I’m currently taking a zero day in Warner Springs, mostly to give my body some much needed rest and time to heal but also because I may need to kill some time if I want to make it through the San Jacinto’s. The most recent reports indicate that the trail through the San Jacinto’s remains covered in snow on northern-facing slopes and that Fuller Ridge is dangerous to cross. I’m hoping that the combination of a zero day here and a slightly slower pace of about 20 miles per day will be enough to put me in the San Jacinto’s after they have become passable.

Overall the hike is going great and I see no reason why I wouldn’t be able to make it to Canada in good physical and mental shape.