Pacific Crest Trail Journals

Seiad Valley to Hyatt Lake

August 5 – August 7, 2010

I took the official PCT out of Seiad Valley, which shouldn’t be notable except for the fact that most hikers feel the need to take an alternate road walk out of town in order to shave off a few miles and some elevation gain. You’re on a 2,650 mile hike and feel the need to cut off a single-digit number of miles… I don’t understand. I was within spitting distance of the Oregon border at this point and after 3 months of hiking in California I was ready to start a new state. So I hiked all day, eventually passing the shortcut-takers, and camped just before the Oregon border. I almost pushed on but would have arrived after dark and decided that it’d be more enjoyable in the daylight.

I hit the border early the next day and was glad I’d waited for daylight. I snapped some obligatory border photos before pushing on towards Ashland. My parents were driving down from Portland in their RV the next day and I was meeting them at Howard Prairie Reservoir, so I needed to average about 30 miles over two days to meet them. I was on track to pull it off no problem until I stopped at Callahan’s resort along I-5 and signed up for their all you can eat hiker special. Several plates of spaghetti, several salads, and several orders of bread later I was unable to hike another mile and camped out on the Callahan’s lawn. I headed out early the next morning and made it to Hyatt Lake in the afternoon before calling it quits. I called my parents and had them pick me up a few miles before my original destination.

I spent the night eating steak with my parents, catching up, and enjoying the comforts of civilization. Since they’d driven down from Portland I was going to take a zero the next day and get some chores done in Ashland.

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