Websites: I read through a number of different websites with first-hand information on the Maze but the best place to start your trip planning is the Canyonlands NP website. In particular:
-Canyonlands NP main page for the Maze:
-Canyonlands NP maps page:
Backpacker Magazine article ranking the Maze as one of the most dangerous hikes in the U.S.

Topo maps:
USGS Map Locator is a great way to scope out the Maze (or any hike) before you go and determine which USGS quadrangles you’ll want to take with you. The Hans Flat Ranger Station is located inside the of the “Head Spur” quadrangle – searching for this map name in the Map Locator will bring you to the common entry point to the Maze and you should be able to navigate the area from there.
-I scouted the area out on the USGS Map Locator and then purchased my topo maps at Hans Flat when I pulled my permit. The topo’s that I looked at (I may not have ended up using all of them – it’s been a while) for my route were:
-Gordon Flats
-Elaterite Basin
-Spanish Bottom
-Turks Head
-Cleopatra’s Chair
-Head Spur

Related reading: The Monkey Wrench Gang and Desert Solitaire, both by Ed Abbey, contain chapters that take place in the Maze. Reading them probably won’t help you plan or execute a trip, but it’ll give you a more informed relationship with the area.